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"I would like to schedule my dog, what do I need to do?"
The first step is to get us a copy of your dog's vaccination records showing they are up to date on:
1. Rabies
2. Distemper/Parvo
3. Bordetella
You may fax them, have your vet fax them, or drop them by to us. If you have your veterinarian's office fax them, please give them plenty of time (they have several appointments too!) and then call us back to verify we received them. A lot of our new clients bring them when they come in for a tour. After we get a copy of the vaccine record, we can then schedule your dog.

"What is the dog's trial day?"
All pets must have a complete and up-to-date application on file. Pets must have a trial day of daycare prior to any other stays to make sure they meet the regular requirements of behavior and temperament and to make sure that Barkley & Rover’s environment will be appropriate for him or her. Barkley & Rover puts the dogs in playgroups according to size and temperament.  We reserve the right to decide whom the pet(s) plays with and for how long they play. As always, with the interaction of pets, there is a chance of injury. At checkout of trial day, we will let you know whether or not we will accept your pet in the future.  During trial day we monitor for signs of aggression, signs of overly timid behavior, and any other issues (for example, if the dog is an excessive barker and disrupts the other guests.)  Barkley & Rover reserves the right to deny admission for any reason.  Pets that have not been at Barkley & Rover for quite some time may have to be reevaluated and readmitted. This is to ensure that we review the pet’s behavior and information on a continual basis to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for pets and people at Barkley & Rover.  Trial days are scheduled during weekdays only.

"Do you accept all dogs?"
No, we only accept the dogs that pass their trial day. This is for the safety of all the dogs, but we will try to work with any dog that has issues with others.

"What about emergencies?

During an emergency with your pet(s) we will try to contact you at the numbers on your Information Sheet, and Boarding Sheet. If we are unable to reach you, we will try to contact the provided emergency contacts and/or we will take your pet to a veterinarian or Emergency Veterinary Services if most vets are closed.  You will be responsible for any expenses that incur.

"Do you close during holidays?"
No, we do not close during holidays, however, there is no daycare on holidays and we will be using the usual weekend hours of operation on holidays for drop off and pick up. Also, there will be no spa services offered on holidays.

"What is your inclement weather policy?"
During the winter season Barkley & Rover will be open for daycare and boarding on a regular schedule. Should bad weather occur we will still be open, providing the employees can make it. Please check the Facebook page and we will keep you updated on our status.

"I would like to check in/out my pet outside of your business hours.  What do I do?"
If you need to check in/out your per outside of business hours just talk with management about your intentions. We will do the best we can to accommodate you.


"What is included in the boarding rate?"

We provide playgroups, potty breaks (at least 5 times per day), an individual suite for mealtimes and bedtime, blankets, and bowls.

"What do I need to bring for boarding?"
1. FOOD & TREATS- It is required that you bring your pet’s own food so as to not disrupt the pet’s routine.  The food must be premeasured for each meal and placed individually in Ziploc bags. Changing your pet’s diet increases the risk of loose stool and/or vomiting.  We provide two scheduled mealtimes included in the boarding rate.  Daycare dogs must be fed prior to coming to school. We will not provide you with any leftover food, so only bring enough for the dog’s meal.
2. 1 LABELED TOY- please don't bring anything irreplaceable as we do our best to keep up with items; however, we do allow toys in their suites so there is a risk of items being lost.
3. MEDICATIONS - we administer all medications except injections; additional medication administration fees are applied.
4. Please remember, no other items including bedding or crates will be accepted due to limited storage space.  We provide bedding, food and water bowls, can openers, etc.


"What do I need to bring for daycare?"

All you need to bring is their leash. Since we do not feed or medicate daycare guests, please feed or medicate your pet before and after the visit. We supply the toys, blankets, bowls, etc.

"Do you offer Saturday and Sunday daycare?"
You may drop off and pick up your dog during our weekend business hours


"What does the bathing rate include?"

The bathing rate includes show quality shampoos, coat conditioners, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and a de-shed brush-out.