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Services & Pricing

*Discount available for multiple family dogs in same room

You spend lots of time thinking about where you are going to go on vacation, so why not make sure that your furry family member gets to go somewhere fun and exciting as well? Just like on a cruise, we have the agenda already laid out for our furry guests!

When your pet stays with us overnight they will receive the same playtime as our daycare kids, with the added services of breakfast and dinner and extra time with our staff. After a day of playing our overnight guests are ready for a good night’s sleep to prepare for tomorrow’s busy schedule of playing, socializing, dining, and being pampered. (It’s a ruff life!)

Bathing & Grooming
$40/ bath

Prices vary depending upon breed or type of dog, condition of the coat, behavior and degree of difficulty.  Please request quote for grooming.

At Barkley and Rover you can drop your dog off for bathing and grooming services or you can add it to daycare or boarding when they stay with us. Our professional dog bathing service ensures your dog is clean deep under the fur as well as reduces the amount of shedding between baths. You can individually schedule a nail trim or a brush-out; or you can ask for our full bathing service which includes show quality shampoos, coat conditioners, ear cleaning, nail trimming and a de-shed brush-out.




Package deal: $72
Buy 4 days of daycare and get one day 1/2 price!

*INTACT male or female OVER 12months additional $2 per day

While you are at work, we offer the convenience of being able to drop your pet off for daycare, knowing that they will get to play, romp, or relax. Better yet, many of our pet parents enjoy knowing that their pet has received lots of exercise during the day and will be ready to relax when they get home.

In addition to exercise, doggie daycare is a great way for your pet to enhance socialization skills and hang out with their friends during the day.